Zeiss Nano Prime RF mount set (6 focal lengths)


Set of 6 Canon RF compatible mounts for Zeiss Nano Primes.

Focal lengths: 18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm

Pre-order period up to 14 July 2024.  Shipping on reduced lead time after this date, once pre-orders are fulfilled.

Lead time for new orders is 8 weeks. Estimated completion 12 August 2024

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This set of RF mounts has been designed specifically for the Zeiss Nano Prime range of lenses, opening up their use to RED and Canon camera owners.

Construction is from solid stainless steel, with a carefully designed inner light trap.  The originally supplied Zeiss shims can be used.  A quality RF rear cap is included for each mount, as is stainless steel mounting hardware and T6 l-key for fitting.


Each lens has a unique rear element and optical baffle design, meaning that the each RF mount is tailored for a specific focal length only. They cannot be interchanged between lenses due to the mechanical differences between each lens design.

Lens mounts do not pass data from lens to camera.



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