RF lens adapter support for RED V-Raptor

Lead time for new orders is 1 week. Estimated completion 03 June 2024


An extra strong mounting bracket matched to the V-Raptor body, providing reliable and rigid support for Adapta RF or Revolva RF mounts.  Essential for ensuring rigidity with your lenses and especially so where strong vibrations, rapid action or heavier glass is in order.

Taking advantage of the 1/4-20 mounts on the V-Raptor, Wrestler can be installed underneath Revolva. With Adapta installation can be either under, over or both for extra rigidity.

Once installed the Adapta or Revolva mounts can still be unfastened with a 2.5mm hex driver and removed if necessary without removing the Wrestler.

The anodised aerospace grade aluminium is rigid and lightweight, and all the quality stainless steel fasteners are captive for convenience.


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