Revolva FE/PL


Revolva RF/PL is a combination ND filter, lens mount and lens adapter for Freefly Ember.

Lead time for new orders is 1 week. Estimated completion 24 June 2024

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Converting from Ember’s robust 4 bolt mount to industry standard PL, Revolva performs double duty by providing an integrated ND system with cinema quality optics.  Filter cartridges are loaded with a four-position rotating filter.  Revolva FE/PL is compatible with any existing quick-change Revolva cartridge, for best of class ND right where you need it.

The mount is optimised for strength and long life. Stainless steel and aerospace grade aluminium are used throughout. The PL mount is shimmable for accurate backfocus, and its internal mechanism is service adjustable for locking position to ensure maximum service life.

With Ember’s shallow flange depth virtually all PL lenses are compatible, and the supplied fitment tool makes double-checking simple.

The grippy PL mounting ring may optionally be augmented with a pair of grip tabs, each of which can be attached in a choice of positions to suit the user.

Note: Revolva requires at least one cartridge to function,  but is compatible with all pre-existing cartridges.


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