Adapta FE/PL LW


Adapta FE/PL-LW is a special ultra light weight PL lens mount for Freefly Ember.

Lead time for new orders is 1 week. Estimated completion 24 June 2024

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Adapta LW is optimised with a composite construction for the perfect strength to weight ratio. The mount utilises magnesium alongside forged and woven carbon fibre to achieve an exceptionally low weight of only 165g (approx 5 3/4 oz) – nearly 50% lighter than the regular aerospace aluminium version.

Converting from Ember’s robust 4 bolt mount to industry standard PL, Adapta FE/PL-LW is carefully designed with optical baffles and flare traps for optimal performance, and with consideration for Ember’s specific sensor and body characteristics.

The PL mount is shimmable for accurate backfocus, and its internal mechanism is service adjustable for locking position to ensure maximum service life.

The grippy PL mounting ring may optionally be augmented with a pair of grip tabs, each of which can be attached in a choice of positions to suit the user.


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