Risa K-L


Full top plate with quick release cheese plate for RED Komodo

Lead time for new orders is 1 week. Estimated completion 03 June 2024

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Risa K-L is a complete top plate for the Komodo, equipped with a high quality passive pass-through for the top data pins.  With this capability, Risa K-L is the only solution fully compatible with Red’s original Komodo Link Adapter. All of the precision gold plated pogo pins are populated, to guarantee compatibility with future accessories using the same port.

The plate carries a wide array of 1/4-20 mounting holes,  while Arri style 3/8-16 mounts are provided on multiple surfaces for robust mounting of heavier accessories.

In addition a sliding quick release cheeseplate is included for extra versatile rigging. It carries multiple mounting options, including a tripod plate style centre slot for inverted mounting. This can be used when access to the top screen and buttons is not essential, or where inverted rigging is needed but occasional access to the top functions is still desirable.

For Revolva users the Risa K-L provides sufficient clearance to use Revolva cartridges along with the Link Adapter.

Mounting hardware is captive 1/4-20 stainless steel screws for maximum strength, while anodised aerospace grade aluminium is used for rigidity and light weight.


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