Longtake® 4TB Ghost Edition


Strictly Limited Edition – In stock now.

Simply biggest and the fastest.

4TB CF Express B 4.0 card

3100 MB/s sustained read , 1850 MB/s sustained write across the full volume.
Performance graphs: Read, Write.

Save valuable time; redefine your DIT and backup process with incredible offload speeds via USB4.

Lead time for new orders is 1 week. Estimated completion 29 July 2024

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Strictly Limited Edition – In stock now

Longtake 4TB CFexpress Type B is next-generation media designed for professionals seeking high performance and reliability. Utilizing the latest v4.0 architecture, this card ensures sustained read speeds of 3100MB/s and sustained write speeds of 1850MB/s across its entire 4TB capacity, making it ideal for the most demanding video and photography environments.  These are not the exaggerated ‘peak’ figures often advertised, but the true continuous performance of the media. The impact of this tremendous backup speed advantage should not be underestimated.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 4TB
  • Interface: PCIe Gen4x2, NVMe 1.4
  • Full drive sustained read speed: 3100MB/s
  • Full drive sustained write speed: 1850MB/s
  • Operating temperature range: -12°C to +72°C
  • Compatibility: Tested and verified by KipperTie with leading professional cameras:
    • Canon EOS R3, R5, R5C, C500 II, C300 III;
    • Nikon Z9, Z6 II, Z7, D6, D5, D500, D850
    • Fuji X-H2
    • Panasonic LUMIX GH6, S1, S1R

The Longtake card has been rigorously tested to perform under varied real-world conditions, including continuous shooting, power-saving modes, and video recording at maximum resolution and the maximum durations allowed by the host camera. Its robust build ensures reliability even if the card is removed mid-recording, with built-in technology to safely conclude write operations.

For professionals working with large media files, the Longtake 4TB significantly reduces offloading times when paired with USB4 card readers. With sufficiently capable destination drives, a fully loaded 4TB card can be transferred in approximately 25 minutes, substantially enhancing workflow efficiency on set.

By combining high capacity, speed, and reliability, the Longtake 4TB CFexpress Type B card is an essential tool for any professional aiming to streamline their data management processes and focus on creating outstanding content.


  • RED approval : Longtake 4TB is fully functional on RED cameras, but not ‘RED approved’ at this time. Its specification and capability dramatically exceed the requirement.
  • Card readers and performance: We recommend the Prograde CFexpress USB 4.0 card reader. All Macs with Apple Silicon have USB4 as standard, and premium laptops from Dell, HP and Lenovo also have this capability.



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